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BWH/ TDS exhibits at the VöbuFair in Vienna

From 2-3 March 2017, BWH and the TDS division presented themselves at the VöbuFair in Austria. Many interesting conversations were had on topics ranging from the rental of our drilling rigs with the corresponding tools, tunnel construction tools and projects as well as the tools, replacement parts and expendable parts that we sell. Of particular interest for visitors to our stand were the displayed exhibits. The WAI water-powered down-the-hole-hammer has already proven its capabilities in ongoing projects. The Slangman probe installer is of particular interest for drilling companies that work in the field of geothermal energy and well construction.


Welcome Jörg!

Jörg Heimann is a dedicated metal worker and new addition to our shop team. We need reinforcement in order to provide professional maintenance for our continuously growing tool and machinery park, as well as to carry out wear-and-tear repairs. Jörg Heimann has been working at BWH since 1 September 2016, and has already become a force to be reckoned with through his expertise and zeal. In his spare time, he loves old, functional East German MZ motorcycles!


Did you know that the Schwibbbogen

(an illuminated wooden Christmas arch) from the Erzgebirge ...

didn’t used to be a symbol of Christmas time; rather, it depicted the difficulties of the time. People put the luminous arches in their windows so that the miners could find their way home in the dark. This tradition is still maintained today in the Erzgebirge, where the Christmas arch lights up many windows during the Advent season. The first ever arches date back to the 18th century from the region around Johanngeorgenstadt. These arches represented the crescent-shaped mouth of the mines where the miners hung up their mining lamps. The inside of the arch illustrates how people earned a living in the Erzgebirge at that time – with lace-making, carving and mining.

We would like to thank you for your trust in us over the past year, and wish you and your family all the best for the holiday season.

Warm wishes from Grit and Torsten Hoffmann, as well as from the entire BWH team


New ABI pile driver TM14-17 V with vibrator MRZV 30 VV has been ordered

The ABI mobile pile driver that went into operations last year is out on a long-term rental. There is a general agreement with our customer that he will take over this machine. In order to avoid a shortage, we have decided to purchase a second machine of the same type and setup as the one out on rent. This machine will be available in our fleet shortly. The ABI mobile pile driver TM14/17 V, equipped with the strong MRZV30 VV vibrator, is best suited for racking up pile with a maximum total length of 16m. The machinery can quickly and easily be converted into a drilling rig for preparatory drilling, replacement holes or VDW single piles. Denis Spielmann is our expert and will answer all your questions if you are interested in renting our pile drivers.

Contact: Denis Spielmann, Tel. +49 (0)37207 6507-35, Mobile +49 (0)170 3710275

The data sheet can be viewed here.


BHW participated in the Chemnitzer Firmenlauf (“Chemnitz Company Run”) with 31 runners

On the 7th of September it was that time of year again. As “drilling tools & friends” team, the employees, suppliers, friends, a delegation from the sponsored sports club SG 1899 Striegistal and children participated in the 11th Chemnitzer Firmenlauf for the second time.

The field of participants this time consisted of team members between the ages of 8 and 58. It was yet again possible to present respectable times in the searing heat, topped by Michael Lehre from the SG 1899 Striegistal with 20:54 min for 4.8 km.

Despite being only 12 years old, Benno Reichel almost (off by only 10 seconds) pipped him to the team-internal post. The ladies’ category was won by Franziska Spycher with an excellent time of 24:03 min. Congratulations!

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